How to Choose a Property Manager


Effectively managing rental properties demands a very specific skill set and attention to detail, which makes it imperative to partner with the right management company. Experienced managers understand the challenges that accompany modern rental homes, which makes the services they provide invaluable for landlords. Before you jump at the first opportunity to sign on the bottom line, however, you want to carefully vet potential management companies. Utilize the following simple keys to find the right manager for your rental properties.


Property managers need to demonstrate continual commitment to their work, as small oversights can quickly escalate into major headaches for landlords. When speaking to a property management group, you want to get a clear understanding of their current portfolio and past management experience. This information will help to give you peace of mind, as managers with a strong reputation and proven history are more likely to deliver on their management promises. Additionally, do not hesitate to ask for professional references, as these provide a closer look at the manager’s working relationship with other clients.


Your property manager should not only be efficient and productive, but he also needs to be honest and upfront with you. Property management services offer a unique assortment of benefits for landlords, but these advantages come with a cost. Never sign a contract with a manager who attempts to hide fees or isn’t upfront with you about the overall cost of your monthly management service. Not only will hidden expenses derail your budget and cut into your profits, but hiding costs from landlords reflects poorly on the manager’s character.

In addition to the fee structure, be certain to review the terms and conditions of your contract. For example, some property managers lock their clients into lengthy contracts, making it difficult for the two parties to split ways. Keep your business protected against unsavory terms by reading the contract thoroughly, and be certain to ask questions if you need a certain point clarified.


Every manager handles conflicts and dilemmas differently, which is why you need to discuss management policies with potential property management groups. Ask probing questions that explore challenging subjects, including eviction, after-hour emergencies, and liability insurance coverage. An adept manager should be able to provide you with immediate responses that clearly outline how the management group addresses these problems. Ultimately, your manager needs to have the know-how to deal with issues as they arise, as well as the bravado necessary to curb the antics of renters who cause conflicts.

Partnering with a property management group allows real estate investors to focus their attention and energy on the business aspect of their property portfolio. If you decide to work with one of these professionals, take the time to thoroughly research management candidates and review the services they offer to you. By investing this time screening would-be managers for your property, you avoid major management mishaps down the road. Furthermore, choosing the right property manager protects your investment and your livelihood.