Pet Protection Program

Question: What if my tenants’ pet causes damage?

Answer: Foursquare will pay

For no extra charge to owners, we guarantee your home will not be damaged by any approved animal. When we allow a pet into a home, we have vetted that animal almost as much as the tenant. Our Pet Protection Program will reimburse you up to $1,000 in pet damage (to a maximum of $1,000 per lease) if these costs exceed the amount of the tenants’ security deposit

  • We pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by an approved animal.
  • We screen each animal.
  • $1,000 of included free coverage.

Plan Administration / Eligibility Requirements:

Landlord account with Foursquare Management must be in good standing and with no violations of the terms of the Residential Management Agreement. Termination of the Residential Management Agreement shall cause enrollment in Pet Protection Program to immediately terminate and Foursquare PM shall not be responsible for any claims either past or future.

Resident must have been procured by Foursquare Property Management and on a Foursquare PM lease agreement with a start date of June 1, 2019 or later.

All charges for pet damage will first be billed to the resident. Foursquare PM will first attempt to collect funds from resident to reimburse owner. If Foursquare PM does not collect these funds from resident, then Foursquare PM will pay these expenses within the coverage limits stated above

The maximum payout by Foursquare PM per lease agreement will not exceed $1,000.

All payouts by Foursquare PM will be made after the resident has vacated the premise and after the completion of the security deposit disposition by Foursquare PM.

Any pet administration fees charged to the resident will be retained by Foursquare PM.

This guarantee applies only to animals approved by Foursquare PM and does not apply if a resident has an unapproved animal. This guarantee excludes Service Animals per Fair Housing guidelines. This guarantee excludes eviction fees for any resident on a government subsidized program including Section 8.